Monday, July 27, 2009

my favorite websites ---a feast for the eyes ---great recipes, also a homeschooling section --sewing ideas --daily deals south sutter charter school -- lots of good advice --- the best --easy bread --community supported agriculture --love it!

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Kerry B said...

Hi Natalie~

I was fianlly diagnosed after many years of difficulty--late term baby loss, several episodes of DVTs, two premature births due to abruptions and a very frightening case of DIC--I had 23 units of blood transfused after my last baby.

Diagnostic tests were not available until about 2004 or so. That's around when I found out. One of my brothers was also diagnosed. My 18 year old daughter was just diagnosed last summer. We wanted to know before she headed into adulthood.

That is so terrible that your daughter was denied insurance for something that is clearly not her fault. Awareness needs to be raised.

Thanks for the tip on the fabric. I'll be in Provo/Orem at my parents in Sept. so I'll look for it then. No grandchildren yet, but that doesn't keep me from planning!

Stay well,