Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Me (for Today Anyway)

I was sitting in yoga the other day...during the part where you are supposed to close out all of the thoughts that come into your mind. Naturally, the harder I tried the more they came. And I was just trying to figure myself out.

I know who I am, where I came from and why I'm here (if you don't check out But I'm still trying to figure myself out. I guess it is good that I can't completely define myself. It means I'm evolving and complex in some ways.

But, I just really felt this anxious need to be more conscious of who I am in order to be more deliberate about what I choose to do or not do. So these are some of the conclusions I've come to.

1) I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I like to serve other people. I like to attend the temple regularly. I enjoy the comfort that I get when I make righteous choices.

2) I am a member of a family. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother. This is where my greatest joy and my greatest heartache comes from. Being with my family for eternity is the most important desire of my life. I feel like I am just now beginning to understand family processes and relationships. I've definitely been a late bloomer in this area and I'm doing what I can to catch up.

3) I'm a teacher. But more than that, I'm a learner. I love being done with graduate school and knowing that now I am the one that gets to choose what I want to learn. I am learning Portuguese. I wanted to learn to decorate wedding longer interested after Wilton 101. I am learning yoga. I have great family members and friends that teach me life lessons every day.

4) Some of my good qualities: I am a loyal friend. I am a hard worker. I am organized. I like to help.

5) A few of the weaknesses I'm working on: I am way too forceful. I don't like to examine my weaknesses and mistakes or admit that I am wrong. I am rash. I am impatient.

6) I like food...talking about it, eating it, making it, dreaming about it, watching it get prepared, etc. I especially like to travel and try local foods from restaurants and markets. I'm especially fond of cheese.

7) My favorite hobby is making gifts. I love giving away heartfelt homemade presents. I've done some quilted, some sewn, some crocheted, some cooked, some crafted. I love to learn to make simple projects and share them with others.

Goals: Serve a mission, travel around visiting my grandchildren, be active